Contemporary Art Interviews


Molly Barnes                                                     Gallerist, Collector/New York and Los Angeles

Missy Bernstein                                                 Collector/Los Angeles

Stephen Cohen                                                 Dealer, Collector/Los Angeles

Crosby Coughlin                                                Dealer, Collector/New York

Jeffrey Deitch                                                     Director, MOCA/Los Angeles

Beth Rudin DeWoody                                        Collector/New York

Jack Early                                                          Artist/ New York

Greg Escalante                                                  Founder, Juxtapoz Magazine/Los Angeles

Susan and Michael Hort                                    Collectors/New York

Arnold Lehman                                                  Director, Brooklyn Museum/New York

Carol McCranie  & Xavier Magri                        Collectors/New York

Cheech Marin                                                    Collector/Los Angeles

Martin Z. Margulies                                            Collector/Miami

Tom Peters                                                        Collector/Los Angeles

Richard Phillips                                                  Artist/New York

Ralph Pucci                                                       Dealer, Collector/New York

Duncan Reid                                                     Collector/New York

Mera Rubell                                                       Collector/Miami

Laura Skoler                                                      VP, New Museum, Collector/New York

Steve Turner & Victoria Dailey                          Gallerist & Author, Collectors/Los Angeles

Deborah Tynes                                                  Collector/Miami

Phillipe Vergne                                                  Director, DIA Foundation/New York

John Waters                                                      Artist/New York

Bill Webber                                                        Collector/New York

Diana Zlotnick                                                    Collector/Los Angeles


I profile contemporary art collectors, artists and art world luminaries for interactive and print media.